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Those of you who know me know how much a I love a good Nerdward.  There’s just something about those glasses, buttoned down shirts, and love of useless trivia that makes me crazy.  So you can imagine how excited I am to have found this contest. 

They’re looking for entries starring Cullen boys as a hardcore nerd.  So, let your imagination run wild people and give me fodder to feed my addiction.  And for goodness sake, make ‘em steamy and lemony, pretty please? 

My thanks go out to Jennedur and ATaleToBeTold for hosting this contest and to TKegl, DeJean Smith, KitsuShel, Laurnorder, Lizmondaine, and MostlyALurker for volunteering to be judges. 

Entries are due by July 31st. They should be at least 3,000 words, beta’d, and original stand-alone pieces.  Winners will be announced on August 8th.  First place winner receives a banner and promotion on www.TwiFicOne.com

For more information click HERE.


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I’ll admit that when I came up with this idea for this story, I had second thoughts. I’m not one to find angst comforting but in this one I do.

Bella’s married to Jacob, a horrible husband who cheats on her and then wonders what is the huge deal. After much consideration, Bella decides to find her own affair. Little did she know she was falling in love with Edward. Little did she know he had secrets that could tear them apart.

Can Bella help tear down the wall that Edward has created around himself and break through the person he pretends to be or will she find it exhausting and not even try? Can one too many secrets be too much?

Check for yourself:

Want to Know a Secret?



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I promised that I would eventually do fic recs and well, I’ve found the first one that I wanted to share.

Sadtomato posted up her first chapter of “If Only” just the other day and I must admit, I’m HOOKED! It’s a great Jacob/Edward slash fic revolving around two best friends. Edward is a heterosexual male who loves the ladies and Jacob has had bad luck with guys in the past. One night, Jacob walks in on Edward taking matters into his own hands and the awkwardness that normally would happen between two best friends doesn’t exactly exist.

I’m interested in knowing how Edward and Jacob can balance their friendship when Jacob clearly likes Edward as more than a friend.

So if you are a huge fan of slash fics, I highly recommend this fic for your alerts!

P.s. If you leave her a review, she’ll send you not only a thank you, but a sneak peek into the next chapter!

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Hot’n’ Heavy Lovin’: A Curvaceous and Bodacious Bombshell Fic Contest   Leave a comment

Do you know why I love this contest so much? I’m a curvy girl myself and I think this is just too awesome!

Go here for contest rules and entries:

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I think these would be an awesome addition to your fic! And as always, you adopt, we rec!

To adopt this banner, email me at thatpanicgirle@gmail.com or find me on twitter @thatpanicgirlee

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As I’m sure you all know, a member of ours retired from Fandom this week. I’m sad to see her go however I need HELP!

I’m looking for a couple of girls (or guys… we already have one guy on our hands. *giggle*) to represent either Team Fire or Team Ice. The job is simple. Rec some fics, do some fic reviews, if you can make banners, that’s awesome too. I just need someone who’s willing to get involved in this process. Oh yeah, we do podcasts too!

If you’re interested, you can contact me by emailing me at thatpanicgirle@gmail.com.

Be sure to include in the email:

Your Name or Pen Name

Link to your FF.net site or blog

What team you represent

Why you want to be a member of Team Fire & Ice

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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Some more banners made by ThatPanicGirlE   Leave a comment

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